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Guide Technical insulation with aluminum adhesive tapes from Coroplast Tape

Aluminum adhesive tapes are indispensable for technical insulation. Do you want to effectively close seams between insulation materials so that neither cold can penetrate nor heat escape? Or do you need reliable moisture and vapor barriers for ventilation ducts and piping? Aluminum adhesive tapes from Coroplast Tape have been setting standards in the construction industry for decades. Here you can find out which adhesive solutions are best suited to your field of application and what is important during processing.

Applications and properties Only aluminum adhesive tapes complete effective technical insulation

The quality of the adhesive tape determines whether itsucceeds in reliably sealing joints and seams against air and moisture. The adhesive bonds must function for as long as the components to which they are applied – even under difficult conditions.

Aluminum adhesive tapes with the required properties

Self-adhesive pure aluminum tapes from Coroplast Tape are durable and as resistant to cold as they are to heat. They have both a strong adhesive strength and a high shear strength. In addition, our adhesive solutions are appreciated by the building trade because they can be processed excellently at low temperatures.

The first choice for fire protection

With these properties, aluminum adhesive tapes are clearly superior to conventional film adhesive tapes. These products, which are only thinly vaporized with aluminum, achieve neither the fire protection nor the sealing effect of tapes made of light metal. With their A2 (non-flammable) and B1 (flame-retardant) certificates in accordance with DIN 4102, pure aluminum adhesive tapes are therefore always the first choice when it comes to effective insulation of walls and ceilings or insulation in heating, ventilation and air-conditioning systems that permanently prevents energy loss and corrosion damage.

The market standard for technical insulation The optimized Coroplast ALU SE products

Self-adhesive pure aluminum tapes from Coroplast Tape set the market standard in Germany and Europe with their proven quality. This is also true of our market leading product, Coroplast 930 ALU SE. Anyone in the building trade who uses this product knows that this is the highest standard in the market

Proven quality on a new level

This success is no coincidence. We are in constant contact with the industry, so we know exactly what the challenges facing construction professionals are and can recognize new trends to develop our products further in a targeted and practical manner.

This is how the new properties of the optimized Coroplast ALU SE products came about, which can now be ordered from your insulation specialist dealer.

You can look forward to the following strengths:

  • improved cold bonding strength
  • improved instant bonding strength
  • halogen-free
  • solvent-free
  • optimally matched to all common insulation systems

And you can still rely on the following features:

  • fire class B1 "flame retardant" according to DIN 4102
  • suitable for shipbuilding (Steuerrad certificate)
  • intensively adhering and construction site friendly adhesive
  • excellent shear strength even at changing temperatures
  • excellent aging resistance

Learn more about Coroplast ALU SE products

Processing instructions What makes effective interface bonding

  • The final adhesion value is paramount for technical insulation

    The decisive factor for the quality of the bond is above all the final adhesion value. It is important to note that you cannot feel this with your finger when you unroll the adhesive tape. This is because the final adhesive strength develops over a longer period of time and can only really be assessed after approximately 24 hours. You can find the adhesive strength values and all other important information for choosing the right product in our product data sheets.

  • Correct application pressure ensures a secured seal

    For thermally secure sealing of joints or butt joints, a high degree of crosslinking of the adhesive with the surface is required to be bonded. It is therefore important to press the adhesive tape firmly and evenly during application. Only in this way can the final adhesive force be fully developed. The best way to do this is to use the Coroplast spatula supplied. Keep in mind, although our aluminum adhesive tapes can  be processed in damp and cold conditions, the surfaces should be free of dust and dirt for reliable bonding.

  • Avoiding tension during bonding

    Aluminum adhesive tapes are designed to permanently seal and insulate interfaces. They are less suitable for processing under mechanical stress. For this reason, bonding should not be carried out under tension if possible. If tension cannot be completely avoided, it is advisable to secure the adhesive tape with binding wire during the cross-linking period.

Adhesive properties The importance of tack and final adhesive strength

Initial tack is not what makes a good adhesive tape for technical insulation. Although initial tack proves to be practical during processing, it is not decisive for the lasting durability of the bond. What matters here is the so-called final adhesive strength, for which the adhesive made of acrylate or synthetic rubber must first crosslink after application.

What lies behind the crosslinking process

Crosslinking is the term used to describe the chemical reaction in which the macromolecular chains of the adhesive bond to one another, thus forming a stable and at the same time elastic network. This process ensures that Coroplast aluminum adhesive tapes develop their full adhesive strength after approximately 24 hours, while offering exceptional shear strength.

The final adhesive force is paramount for aluminum adhesive tapes, when compared to initial adhesive force. Honey sticks well at first. However, this tackiness does not make it a suitable product for technical insulation.

Stephan Rosenblatt | Business Field Manager Building Industry & Professional Trade

Coroplast spatula Press-on made easy – and now also for textured surfaces

The Coroplast spatula is an important tool. It helps you to seal your insulation system permanently – and much more effectively than with your bare hands. The spatula has two sides – the smooth side allows the aluminum adhesive tape to be applied over the entire surface evenly. The new serrated side allows the adhesive tape to be applied evenly on rough or structured surfaces. Neither the tape nor the surface is damaged in the process. The adhesive tape adheres everywhere and can thus develop its full final adhesive force.

We supply the Coroplast spatula free of charge with every order.

Technical insulation A brief overview of the Coroplast Tape product range

Coroplast Tape has a comprehensive range of adhesive tapes for insulation and interface bonding. In addition to pure aluminum adhesive tapes for all common insulation work on construction sites, we also offer, for example, particularly cold- and heat-resistant products, adhesive tapes with a special sealing effect, high UV resistance or the fire classifications B1 and A2.

ALU SE Series – Market Standard for Technical Insulation

Our pure aluminum adhesive tapes are the first choice - whether it's for interface bonding of insulation and insulating materials, sealing of foils or bonding of ventilation ducts and air conditioning ducts.

The most important product advantages:

  • optimally matched to all common insulation systems
  • halogen-free
  • fire class B1 "flame retardant" according to DIN 4102
  • suitable for shipbuilding (steering wheel certificate)
  • intensively adhering and construction site friendly adhesive
  • excellent shear strength even at changing temperatures
  • excellent aging resistance

Learn more about Coroplast ALU SE products

AWX series – made for extreme conditions

The AWX products from Coroplast Tape are particularly construction site friendly. They can be processed without problems at low temperatures down to -25°C and, with their acrylic adhesive, adhere even to slightly damp substrates.

The most important product advantages:

  • very flexible aluminum adhesive tape
  • cold and heat resistant
  • non-flammable (A2; 1530 AWX), flame retardant
  • 1510 AWX, 1530 AWX: approved for marine use
  • 1560 AWX: premium version with even higher adhesive strength

Learn more about Coroplast AWX products

Learn more about the new Coroplast 1560 AWX

Picture of Coroplast 1560 AWX

And Coroplast Tape has even more to offer for technical insulation

In addition to our pure aluminum tapes, we also offer sealing and cladding tapes, varnished aluminum and many other products for the construction industry.

Coroplast 1665 SPS

  • aluminum sealing tape based on acrylate
  • excellent sealing effect and high UV resistance

Coroplast 1720 SPS

  • PP film sealing tape based on acrylate
  • elastic carrier supports during processing for optimum sealing

Coroplast 933 ALU Black

  • coated aluminum adhesive tape especially for matt black surfaces
  • with fire classification (B2)
  • also available as patch

Coroplast 914 AWX

  • Aluminum adhesive tape
  • with scrim for lamella mats
  • hand-tearable for easy processing

Your contact person Aluminum adhesive tapes

Do you have any questions about our aluminum adhesive tapes? You are welcome to contact us anytime!
Stephan Rosenblatt
Business Field Manager Building Industry & Professional Trade
Stephan Rosenblatt