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The new standard in glass construction Coroplast SPT high performance tape for sealing glass joints

Glass partition walls are often produced in separated elements that are joined on-site. Acrylic masses and/or silicone are often used for butt joint bonding applications. However big advantages are realized with the transparent high performance Coroplast 9000 SPT series tape when used for glass construction. Our uniform, full-adhesive and highly flexible acrylic masses present a superior performance when compared to conventional glass construction processes.

First choice for butt joint bonding Our high performance tape range of the transparent 9000 SPT series

Our high performance tape for glass applications opens the door for greater efficiencies when bonding glass butt joints. Our side edge passivated adhesive tape can be applied easily and precisely. While silicone requires more work and time, there is no cure time waiting when working with high performance tape. The glass elements are reliably bonded immediately after setting up. That’s how Coroplast Tape is able to set new standards in glass construction.

Coroplast 9030 SPT
The SPT-high performance tape in the 3 mm version: our Coroplast 9030 SPT

Made for extreme conditions Advantages of the Coroplast 9000 SPT series

Our high performance tape solutions prove to be the right choice for your project with benefits like

  • universal interior and exterior use
  • extremely high adhesive and shear strength
  • less processing time
  • available in thicknesses from 0.5 to 3 mm
  • color variations such as transparent and black
  • high temperature, UV and weathering resistance
  • long-lifetime
  • stress resistance and shock absorption combined with high flexibility of bonding
  • rolls, spools or die-cut parts available

Find the ideal tape solution within our transparent Coroplast 9000 SPT series here

We routinely surprise our customers with the wide range of possibilities that our high performance tape series can offer. Based on our product portfolio we are almost always able to present a solution that sets a new standard.

Ralf Nittenwilm | Business Field Manager Industry

Joint bonding Our high performance tape series solution versus a competitors product in comparison

One picture says it all, see for yourself. Once processed, our SPT series products present a clean, transparent bonding which is almost invisible. 

Coroplast Tape Spt Tape versus Silicone
The advantages are shown in comparison to silicone as well: unroll the tape, apply, join, done. Further work steps are no longer necessary.

Product flyer of the Coroplast 9000 SPT series

Download the product information of our Coroplast 9000 SPT series here.

Your contact person SPT-high performance tapes

Do you have any questions about high-performance tapes? Then contact us! We’ll be happy to advise you!

Your contact person SPT-high performance tapes

Do you have any questions about high-performance tapes? Then contact us! We’ll be happy to advise you!
Axel Kamelgan
Senior Key Account Manager Automotive Coroplast Tape