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Slick Surface Tape

Sliding adhesive tapes from Coroplast Tape are manufactured on the basis of UHMW polyethylene film and thus have excellent abrasion resistance as well as media resistance. Suitable for indoor and outdoor use, the self-adhesive sliding tapes with acrylate adhesive function simultaneously as a sliding aid and as a spacer – for example in the automotive industry. Thus, the slippery tapes, which are manufactured in various thicknesses as required, are able to facilitate automated or manual assembly processes and make them safer. You can obtain our tapes with slick surface and low friction as a standard solution or as an individually produced die-cut part.

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Produktbild: Coroplast 7343

sliding adhesive tape Coroplast 7343

based on UHMW-PE
Produktbild: Coroplast 7344

sliding adhesive tape Coroplast 7344

based on UHMW-PE
Produktbild: Coroplast 7345

sliding adhesive tape Coroplast 7345

based on UHMW-PE
Produktbild: Coroplast 7364

sliding adhesive tape Coroplast 7364

based on UHMW-PE

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