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Double-Sided Adhesive Tape

Double-sided industrial adhesive tapes from our extensive range ensure particularly durable bonds. For example, the automotive, window, glass and furniture industries or manufacturers of white goods rely on our two-sided acrylic adhesive tapes. Our PVC, PET and PE foam adhesive tapes are strong, heat-resistant and transparent. All variants with UV-crosslinked acrylic adhesive are also moisture-resistant. They are suitable for indoor and outdoor use and for joining and adhesion of a wide variety of surfaces.

Produkte filtern

Produktbild: Coroplast 7211

Double-sided adhesive tape Coroplast 7211

Subseries 7210: with acrylic adhesive, solvent-free
Produktbild: Coroplast 7213

Double-sided adhesive tape Coroplast 7213

Subseries 7210: with acrylic adhesive, solvent-free
Produktbild: Coroplast 7215

Double-sided adhesive tape Coroplast 7215

Subseries 7210: with acrylic adhesive, solvent-free
Produktbild: Coroplast 7218

Double-sided adhesive tape Coroplast 7218

Subseries 7210: with acrylic adhesive, solvent-free
Produktbild: Coroplast 7290

Double-sided adhesive tape Coroplast 7290

Subseries 7290: with synthetic rubber adhesive
Produktbild: Coroplast 7292

Double-sided adhesive tape Coroplast 7292

Subseries 7290: with synthetic rubber adhesive

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Our range of products at a glance

Do you need a quick overview of the range of products that Coroplast Tape has to offer? Here you will find further information to download.

Your contact person Double-sided adhesive tapes

Do you have any questions about our double-sided adhesive tapes? You are welcome to contact us at any time!

Properties and applications of our double-sided adhesive tapes

Product features of the 4000 and 7000 series

4000 series: The double-sided polyethylene foam tapes from Coroplast Tape are equipped with moisture-insensitive and UV-cured acrylate adhesive, pure acrylate adhesive or synthetic rubber.

7000 series: In turn, our thin, double-sided adhesive tapes are available with moisture-insensitive UV-cured acrylic adhesive, modified acrylic adhesive, dispersion acrylic adhesive or synthetic rubber.

Further properties: In both series you will find solvent-free and low-emission products. All double-sided adhesive tapes have a balanced adhesive strength, a high shear strength as well as a very good initial and final tack. In addition, our PE foam and thin double-sided adhesive tapes are characterised by their resistance to chemicals and other external influences as well as good ageing and temperature resistance.

Industries and applications of the 4000 and 7000 series

Industries: Both the double-sided polyethylene foam and the thin, double-sided adhesive tapes are used in the window, glass and furniture industries, in the glazier trade and many other industries.

Areas of application: The ranges include products suitable for the permanent bonding of fascias, mouldings, profiles and glazing bars, signs, emblems, hooks or also for splicing paper and film webs. Indoors and outdoors, many different substrates can be joined and bonded with our PE foam adhesive tapes. These include materials such as metal, glass, plastics (e.g. PC, ABS, PS, PVC, PE, PP, rigid PVC) wood or textured and powder-coated surfaces. Our products can even be used on critical, low-energy substrates.

Customised double-sided adhesive solutions

We manufacture according to your design: on request, we can customise your double-sided adhesive tape from the 4000 or 7000 series as you need it for your production or special applications. Because we know that effective productivity in the further processing of adhesive tapes is essential today.

Advice: In addition, we will be happy to advise you on technical application questions and support you in integrating our products into your process.

Which double-sided adhesive tape is right for you?

Feel free to contact us if you would like to buy double-sided adhesive tape in rolls and need assistance with product selection or advice on processing, for example. We look forward to receiving your enquiry.

Of course, we are also available for a wide variety of customisation requests. We are looking forward to your challenge.