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Intelligent adhesive tape solution Coroplast TapeTube – first choice for cable protection

Custom TapeTubes, constructed from market-proven Coroplast adhesive tapes 832 MPX and 837 X offer numerous advantages compared to protective sleeves and corrugated tubes for your wire harness. Our development is significantly more flexible and lighter while protecting the cable insulation from abrasion, contamination, and water.

Coroplast 832 MPX & 837 X Two proven Coroplast products as the basis for TapeTube

Using Coroplast products as the basis for TapeTube construction, provides multiple performance options depending on which of the two adhesive wrapping tapes is selected. For example, the backing of Coroplast 832 MPX TT is made of PA fabric and achieves abrasion class G. The Coroplast 837 X TT variant offers a PET fabric and abrasion class E.

Primary product features and advantages of both TapeTube variants:

  • By eliminating the contact of adhesive to wires, the TapeTube produces a highly flexible cable harness. Time can be saved during assembly, especially for long harness sections without branches
  • Excellent cold and heat resistance
  • High-temperature resistance
  • Multiple transportation and assembly advantage over other protection systems due to compactness.

Find your ideal TapeTube:

About the Coroplast 832 MPX TT

About the Coroplast 837 X TT

Coroplast 832 MPX (left) or 837 X (center): Depending on which adhesive tape base is selected, Coroplast TapeTube (TT series) provides different properties.

The manufacturing process How Coroplast TapeTube is made

The production is as simple as it is useful: The respective adhesive tape is joined together in two layers, adhesive surface to adhesive surface, thereby creating a TapeTube that is flexible and robust, while providing soft cable protection.

Production of Coroplast TapeTube

A major strength of our TT series is its great versatility: Coroplast TapeTube is just as suitable for long cable sets in trucks or in high-voltage wiring systems as it is for various applications in mechanical and plant engineering.

Jens Kaufmann | Global Sales Manager Coroplast Tape

Diversity Coroplast TapeTube offers protection in numerous diameters

In addition to the different base materials, the large selection of diameters ensures that practically every application can be realized. Coroplast TapeTubes are currently available in diameters of 15, 23, 33, 44, 49, and 58 mm. This means that the unique product properties can be used for a wide variety of applications.

Soft and robust: The soft surface of the adhesive tape winding protects the cables inside. On the outside, the high abrasion resistance ensures reliable cable protection.

Advantage 1 Reduction

Less is more: Thanks to their high compressibility, TapeTubes allow efficient installation even in tight spaces. Our solution also scores in terms of weight compared with corrugated tubes.

Coroplast Tape Tube reduction

Advantage 2 Flexibility

Whether cable wrapping tape, corrugated tube, or cable conduit – no other solution for protecting cable harnesses achieves bending radius like Coroplast TapeTube, even when small. When used on moving elements, the original flexibility of the cable harness is also retained.

Coroplast Tape Tube flexibility

Advantage 3 Waterproof

Thanks to the special processing, Coroplast TabeTube offers an excellent barrier against water or dirt intrusion.

Reliable protection: While water and dirt can penetrate via the fabric layer or gaps in conventional cable wrap-ping tape (left), Coroplast TapeTube (right) proves to be absolutely leak-proof.

Advantage 4 Abrasion

The inner values count: The corrugated tube and TapeTube indeed offer similar protection on the outside. But if you look at the inside, the situation is different. Here, there are apparent differences in the abrasion of the cable insulation. While the corrugated tube's grooves are abrasive on the cables, the soft surface of the Coroplast TapeTube protects the insulation.

Coroplast Tape Tube abrasion

Advantage 5 Logistics

Space miracle: Coroplast TapeTubes are wound flat onto spools in lengths of several hundred meters. This means more units per pallet and less space required in the truck than the identical quality of corrugated tubes. This makes the transport and storage of our adhesive solution very economical.

Coroplast Tape Tube logistics

Industrial application TapeTube for packaging robot

In the automotive sector, word has already spread about the strengths of Coroplast TapeTube as an ideal cable protection. In the meantime, more and more industries are discovering the advantages of this solution. For example, the TapeTube has been used as a corrugated tube alternative for the cable harness of packaging robots. The robotic arm's constant movement causes the cables to rub against the inside of the corrugated tube. This continuous stress damages the cable insulation, and this causes machine downtime. The soft surface of our adhesive tapes prevents this effect. Additionally, the flexible TapeTube gives the robot maximum freedom of movement. That's why we also rely on TapeTube installation for our own packaging systems!

Learn more about the use of TapeTube on our packaging robots

Coroplast TapeTube in use: Packaging robot at Transnova Ruf, equipped with Coroplast 837 X TT.

Product flyer of the Coroplast TapeTubes

Here you can download the product flyer of our Coroplast TapeTubes.

Your contact person Coroplast TapeTube

Do you have any questions about Coroplast TapeTube? Then please feel free to contact us at any time!
Ali Ekici
Team Leader Wire Harness Manufacturer