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Coroplast Tape | Insights | 15 Jan 2020 Tape Tubes – specially designed solution for a more reliable packaging line

Our engineers are experienced experts when it comes to developing tailor-made solutions, a fact they have again proved with the optimisation of our packaging robots. At the same time, this success shows that our products offer a great many fascinating possibilities for a broad range of sectors and applications.
Our tapes offer fascinating opportunities for our automotive and industrial customers. That is what our engineers demonstrate now with the optimisation of our packaging robots.

Problem identified...

A reliable packaging line with downtimes kept as low as possible is the basis for on-time delivery and satisfied customers. Our state-of-the-art packaging robots are extremely efficient. If they don’t encounter any problems, they can achieve up to 75 million picks per year. And in order to make even better use of this efficiency, our developers have thought up a clever solution. When analysing downtimes, they noticed that the main reason was related to the corrugated tube that covers the central cable harness. Whenever the robot moves, the corrugated tube and the cable harness rub against each other. That causes wear on the cables and sooner or later the robot ceases to function – which means a mechanic has to repair the damage.

...problem solved

Inspired by the wide range of Coroplast adhesive tapes, our specialists went in search of a suitable alternative to the corrugated tube. While doing so, they came across the Tape Tubes that we had only presented at the International Suppliers Fair (IZB) in Wolfsburg the previous year. Originally developed to protect long cable harnesses in vans and trucks, this product turned out to be the ideal solution to our robot problem. The flexible, easy-to-install protective tube covers the cable harness, protecting it from dirt and preventing wear on the cables inside the tube, unlike the corrugated tubes previously installed. In other words, exactly what our engineers had been looking for. Once refitted, the machines no longer showed any signs of wear on the cables. The innovation significantly increased the reliability of our packaging line.

We find fast, low-cost solutions to problems because we are able to identify previously unimagined opportunities in existing products; something we are highly expert at.

Marco Dittermann | Team Leader Production Engineering, Business Unit Tapes

Quality material and tailored customer solutions – all from one source

For a long time now we have been much more than just a reliable manufacturer of standard material. Based on over 90 years of experience and an impressive array of products, we have long since developed to become a highly sought-after specialist for customised special-purpose applications. We have the necessary expertise and processing capabilities to transform your challenges into reliable, technically functioning components. Whether manual, semi- or fully automated: We adapt to suit your individual requirements and develop the ideal manufacturing workflow for your product. We have often been able to demonstrate that adhesive solutions are the cheapest, most sustainable and most efficient approach in the automotive and industrial sectors. Our teams look forward to taking on your challenges.

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