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Sliding Adhesive Tape

A solution for interior and exterior applications: Coroplast Tape provides sliding adhesive tape that has excellent abrasion and media resistance and is produced in different thicknesses as applications require. The adhesive tape works simultaneously as a sliding aid and as a spacer, for example in the automotive industry. As a result of the sliding adhesive tape features and benefits, this solution is able to aid in automated and/or manual assembly processes and in many cases makes the process more reliable. Contact us now for your custom sliding adhesive tape solution!

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product image: Coroplast 7343

sliding adhesive tape Coroplast 7343

based on UHMW-PE
product image: Coroplast 7344

sliding adhesive tape Coroplast 7344

based on UHMW-PE
product image: Coroplast 7345

sliding adhesive tape Coroplast 7345

based on UHMW-PE
product image: Coroplast 7364

sliding adhesive tape Coroplast 7364

based on UHMW-PE

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