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Coroplast Tape | News | 11 Feb 2021 Adhesive tapes for tomorrow’s applications – the new Coroplast 1560 AWX

The winter in Europe was extremely cold again – and temperatures dropping down to minus 10 degrees Celsius was nothing unusual. That is why we have developed a new aluminium adhesive tape with an improved formula, which not only withstands the cold, but also meets the highest processing standards.
Optimally bonds interfaces, even at very low temperatures – order the new Coroplast 1560 AWX with improved adhesive strength now.

Even greater adhesive strength with an improved formula

Aluminium-clad insulating materials are mostly used in boiler rooms, air conditioning systems or for other cold- and heat-conducting pipes. During the winter months in particular, it is extremely difficult to bond interfaces, as moisture and cold temperatures make it difficult to maintain adhesive strength. This can be dangerous, especially in areas where stricter fire protection regulations apply.

The improved Coroplast 1560 AWX is the latest product from the Coroplast AWX series with a revolutionised adhesive formula. It is easy to use on-site, as it adheres easily to slightly soiled, damp, awkward surfaces – and can compete with all other cold-weather products on the market in every respect. Its performance is additionally underlined by its high-strength, instant adhesive qualities.

Our new Coroplast 1560 AWX can withstand extreme weather conditions at any building site – the new insurance against the cold.

Stephan Rosenblatt | Business Field Manager Building Industry and Professional Trade

Our tape has already been tested in the cold

The advantages at a glance

  • Suitable for use in extreme weather conditions. Not only can it withstand cold and moisture, but also handle heat just as well.
  • Building site-friendly, special-purpose adhesive for outstanding immediate bonding
  • Excellent temperature stability
  • Reliably bonds joints and seams, even in moist or damp conditions
  • Outstanding moisture barrier
  • Highly resistant to ageing

For more information about the product and for placing advance orders, please feel free to contact us.

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Stephan Rosenblatt
Business Field Manager Building Industry & Professional Trade
Stephan Rosenblatt