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Management Board Management Coroplast Tape Corporation

Our management leads with great enthusiasm and courage to achieve our common goals.

Robert L. Alexander III Executive Vice President

Graduate of the Citadel, the Military College of South Carolina, with a B.S. in Business Administration. Mr. Alexander has more than 20 years of International manufacturing experience in the automotive segment. He started as the first employee of Coroplast Tape Corporation in Rock Hill, SC in 2014 as Executive Vice President. Believes in continuous learning, work life integration and motivation through effective communication and corporate culture. Assures continued success by empowering team members in a pragmatic entrepreneurial culture.

Robert Alexander, Executive Vice President of Coroplast Tape Corporation

Corporate Management of Coroplast Group

Natalie Mekelburger and her management board co-workers have been collaborating in a trustworthy relationship for many years. In dealing with employees, suppliers, and customers, they follow the guiding principle of the Coroplast Group “Keeping you connected.” This is an essential success factor and is important to us as a family business.

Natalie Mekelburger President & CEO of the Coroplast Group

Has determined the strategic course of Coroplast as President & CEO and partner since 2006. Preserves the character and the structures of a family-managed enterprise with flat hierarchies and straightforward decision-making. Supports the entrepreneurial spirit within the company as guiding principle for the Coroplast management culture. Is committed to the continuous cultivation of human resources development. Promotes art, both within the company and in its environment, and sees Coroplast as a place of inspiration, not perspiration. Views digitalization as something to be given top priority.

Natalie Mekelburger vor grauer Wand
Natalie Mekelburger, President & CEO of the Coroplast Group

We share the ambition always to be at the forefront of quality, innovation, and technology. Our passionate customer orientation is borne by employees who are committed to the company beyond normal levels.

Natalie Mekelburger

Marcus Söhngen Deputy Chairman of the Management Board, COO and Head of Business Unit Coroplast Tape

Has been managing director at Coroplast since 2001. As businessman and engineer, he has played a crucial role in the rapid growth of the company. Is always in search of new technical solutions and has the courage to do things differently than the rest of the sector. Believes in the positive impact of humor, enjoying work, the effectiveness of informal one-on-one talks, and, above all, the motivating power of common success.

Portrait of a manager in a suit
Marcus Söhngen, Deputy Chairman of the Management Board, COO and Head of Business Unit Coroplast Tape

We maintain the ability to think ‘out of the box,’ maintain our offensive spirit, and share the enthusiasm for what we do. Surprising customers with unexpected solutions is ultimately the solid basis for our sustained success.

Marcus Söhngen

Torben Kämmerer Managing Director & CFO

Member of the Management Board since 2011 and Head of Business Unit at WeWire until the end of 2019. At the beginning of 2020, he took over the position of managing director for the commercial and administrative areas of the Coroplast Group. Relies on efficient structures and employee development to keep pace with rapid growth. Pursues the goal of holistically looking at, standardizing and optimizing processes.

Torben Kämmerer, Managing Director & CFO

Despite constant growth and internationalization: Coroplast culture lives. The enthusiasm of our employees and the passion with which they tackle new tasks impresses me time and again.

Torben Kämmerer