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12 different rolls of wire harness tape from the range of Coroplast Tape for e-mobility.

Wire harness tapes for e-mobility

We at Coroplast Tape have many years of experience in electromobility and we are familiar with the individual requirements of the automotive industry. With this know-how and our versatile range of wire harness tapes, we support our customers with solutions for a wide variety of applications - all around the wire harness in the car.

Applications and advantages Diverse solutions for safe electromobility

In our wire harness tape selection, you will find solutions for permanent marking of high-voltage cables, reliable protection of wire harnesses or effective heat deration and sound damping. Less complexity, volume and weight: Regardless of the application, we always pursue the goal of minimizing the number of materials required for harness protection, thus significantly reducing the volume and weight of cable harnesses.

With these diverse strengths and application possibilities, wire harness tapes from Coroplast Tape open up numerous advantages over corrugated tubes or protective conduits. And of course, our products are also suitable for automated processing.

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We were already working on providing solutions for alternative drives before the big electromobility trend. Our customers can benefit from this head start today.

Sina Kammann | Global Head of Sales at Coroplast Tape

Lightfast and durable Marking of high voltage cables

For safe electromobility, the clear and reliable marking of high-voltage cables plays an important role.

Coroplast Tape offers various orange wire harness tapes for this field of application, all of which are based on the RAL 2003 coding color. They contain colored yarn in the backing material: this is how we ensure lightfast as well as weather- and chemical-resistant coloring that remains colorfast for years and does not fade.

In addition to the orange tapes, we also offer blue and purple versions for marking 48V cables. We can also cover other color codes with several abrasion-resistant wire harness tapes.

Even after 3000 hours, our adhesive tapes retain the correct coding color.
Coroplast Tape in the long-term test: even after 3000 hours, our wire harness tapes retain the correct coding color.

Mechanical protection Abrasion resistance and safety in case of impact

With Coroplast Tape wire harness tapes, you can reliably protect your high-voltage cables from abrasion and ensure the best possible impact protection.

Our portfolio offers the largest selection of products in abrasion class D or higher. For maximum safety, the tapes are wound with a 50% overlap. This provides double protection for your HV cable.

Increasing voltages require additional protection: wire harness tapes from the Coroplast Tape MPX-series ensure reliable impact protection and prevent dangerous arcing due to short circuits. To test the protective effect of our wire harness tapes, we have developed a test procedure specifically for this purpose: Our drop tower test clearly shows that our products often provide better protection in a crash than corrugated tubes or protective hoses. Our cable protection solutions reliably prevent short circuits, even with shielded cables.

Learn more about our abrasion-resistant wire harness tapes

Noise dampening Reduction of vibrations and rattling

Because electric vehicles are very quiet, vibrations and rattles are much more noticeable. As a result, solutions for noise damping have gained in importance. With us, you will find the largest selection of wire harness tapes on the market. With our non-woven and foam tapes made of various materials, we cover sound classes C to E.

Learn more about noise damping 

Coroplast Tape wire harness tapes for noise reduction
Coroplast Tape offers a variety of noise dampening tapes.

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Do you have any questions about our wire harness tapes and solutions? You are welcome to contact us at any time!

contact person Your contact person

Do you have any questions about our wire harness tapes and solutions? You are welcome to contact us at any time!