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Coroplast technical adhesive tapes for Passive House design.

Airtight sealing tapes for reliable insulation in Passive House design

Our Coroplast RPX series exceeds the demanding criteria of the Passive House Industry and comply with the standards of American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM). This makes Coroplast sealing tapes the ideal solution for optimizing Passive House insulation and achieving maximum airtightness. In addition, our technical adhesive tapes are environmentally friendly and offer numerous advantages over asphalt-based products.

Basic concept The principles of Passive House design

Function of a Passive House

Passive House design is in vogue, as more and more people want to live sustainably, energy-efficient, and as healthy as possible. Passive Houses are a further development of the low-energy house concept, through airtight construction and minimal heating and cooling. This is achieved through consistent thermal insulation, an efficient ventilation system, and the use of solar energy. In conventional buildings, most of the energy is lost through the building envelope, i.e., roof, windows, walls, or floor, the airtight build of a Passive House saves energy this way.

Requirements for a Passive House

The building envelope of a Passive House must be excellently insulated and completely airtight. And this is where Coroplast RPX airtight seam tape comes into play. Our solutions make it possible to effectively use the heat generated by solar radiation, people and equipment, so that heating and air conditioning costs can be minimized.

Passive Houses are widely used in Europe. As a company headquartered in Germany, we have extensive experience in this area. This also allows us to offer you proven products that meet the highest requirements and industry standards – locally supplied in the USA.

Ann-Kristin Gehle | Sales Manager Industrial Tapes

Coroplast sealing tapes Ideal solution for airtight insulation

For many insulation tasks around the building envelope

The Coroplast RPX airtight sealing tapes are the ideal solution to achieve maximum airtightness and to optimize Passive House insulation. Our sealing tapes can be used in the areas of windows and door flashing, airtight seam sealing, for roofs and facades, and any penetration points in the building envelope. This is proven from our Coroplast 1410 RPX being tested to ASTM standards for airtight building. This improves the indoor climate and supports the goal of minimizing heating and air conditioning costs. Buildings can be sealed wind and airtight to minimize ventilation heat loss, prevent structural damage, save energy and increase living comfort. In addition to their excellent energy saving properties, they have outstanding material effectiveness. They are designed to be durable and withstand extreme weather conditions.

Use our brand – or our private label solutions

Coroplast Tape is ready to set high standards for airtight sealing tapes in Passive House design. Our aim is to be the industry’s partner when it comes to adhesive sealing solutions. Quality and reliability are what the Coroplast Tape brand stands for. With respect to our partners, their high-quality standards and their strong brand names, we offer private label solutions on demand. Contact us for more information to benefit from our high standards of quality, but call it your tape.

Coroplast seam sealing tape 1410 RPX

Coroplast RPX series – benefit 1 High adhesive strength

Coroplast RPX adhesive tapes are equipped with UV cross-linked acrylic adhesive. This is a new generation of adhesives in the building & construction industry that provides maximum adhesive strength for a variety of substrates. UV cross-linked acrylic adhesive has a strong initial tack and develops full adhesive strength only a short time after application, ensuring an absolute, airtight seal.

Coroplast RPX series – benefit 2 Very good shear resistance

Any adhesive used for airtight building needs to have a high shear resistance. Coroplast RPX adhesive tapes provide optimum shear resistance for permanent airtight bonding in building & construction for taping of any seam.

Coroplast RPX series – benefit 3 Resistant to weathering

Coroplast 1410 RPX and 1411 RPX adhesive tapes provide lasting UV stability, making them perfect for outdoor applications. Coroplast 1410 RPX can withstand weathering for up to six months! The RPX adhesive tapes therefore are an optimal choice for diverse weather conditions in North America.

Coroplast RPX series – benefit 4 Moisture-repellent

The Coroplast RPX series is extremely moisture resistant due to the nature of our UV crosslinked adhesive. Adhesive tapes made with conventional dispersion adhesives allow water and moisture to seep underneath the edges, penetrate the adhesive and render it useless. Coroplast RPX adhesive tapes are a much more reliable solution for applications in humid or moisture rich areas to have an airtight seal. This also makes for a great application on construction sites where the application site can be unpredictable.

Coroplast RPX series – benefit 5 Easy to use

Coroplast 1410 RPX and Coroplast 1411 RPX both can be torn laterally by hand. Coroplast 1411 RPX is also linerless, cutting down on waste and overall application time. The film backing also offers an advantage by providing the user with an edge to easily peel off.

Coroplast RPX series – benefit 6 Can be applied at extreme temperatures

We have formulated RPX adhesive tapes in a way that they are able to remain firmly in place, even at extreme temperatures. Temperature resistance, when bonded permanently, ranges from −40° F to 175° F, where the adhesive does not become brittle or dry out.

Six solutions, multiple strengths Our seam tape with sealing and airtight features

Applications of 1410 RPX, 1410 STX, 1411 RPX and 1420 RPX

Our RPX series technical tapes enable airtight sealing of interior penetration points (such as pipes, cables or rafters) of vapor retarders and barriers (PP or PE fleeces). In addition, Coroplast sealing tapes are suitable for bonding film splices, underlay seams and many other applications where flexible tapes are required.

Advantages and properties of our RPX products

Our solutions ensure an airtight layer according with EnEV and DIN 4108-7 and are tested according to ASTM standards for the North American market. RPX tapes are coated with UV cross-linked acrylic adhesive. As a result, our products have a high moisture resistance. This property, along with their excellent cold weather resistance (can be processed down to a temperature of 15° F), makes them ideal for use on construction sites. They offer good adhesion to all smooth or slightly rough substrates (e.g. films, fleece, timber, plastics) and their excellent ageing properties allow them to be weatherproof for approximately six months. Coroplast sealing tapes are free of solvents, emulsifiers and other emulsion additives (APEOs). All tapes can be torn laterally by hand.

1410 RPX

  • Meets strict requirements of GEV and is labeled with Emicode EC 1 plus
  • Centrally split liner for easy application (SL version)

1410 STX

  • Sustainable technology: bio-based PE film carrier
  • Meets the ASTM and GEV standards

1411 RPX

  • Self-wound with no interliner
  • Easy to work with – low waste

1420 RPX

  • Special non-woven fleece carrier for vapor permeable membranes
  • Sd value of <1 – making it ideal for exterior use
Seam sealing tapes Coroplast 1410 RPX und 1420 RPX
Easy to work with: Coroplast 1410 RPX und Coroplast 1420 RPX

Applications of Coroplast 1720 SPS

Our UV-resistant, single-side film sealing provides airtight insulation of penetration points or seams in exterior or interior areas. It also ensures extremely high adhesion to various substrates.

Advantages and properties of Coroplast 1720 SPS

The acrylic mass of the Coroplast 1720 SPS has excellent ageing properties is resistant to weathering and water vapor. Due to the thick adhesive film, the tape has excellent sealing capabilities and ensures good adhesion even on particularly rough substrates such as timber, plastic or concrete. Excellent cold weather resistance ensures that our solution can be applied at temperatures as low as 5° F.

Coroplast single-side film sealing 1720 SPS
Extremely high adhesion: Coroplast 1720 SPS

Applications of Coroplast Sealing Grommet

The elastic pipe sealing grommet with butyl rubber carrier is the ideal solution for permanent air- and watertight sealing of pipe and cable openings.


Coroplast sealing grommet
Elastic and durable: Coroplast sealing grommet

Advantages and properties of Coroplast Sealing Grommet

The UV cross-linked adhesive enables good adhesion to all smooth or slightly rough substrates, such as films, fleece, wood or plastic. The Coroplast Sealing grommet has excellent aging properties, is weatherproof and also available in other dimensions on request. And of course, it is free of solvents and emulsifiers (APEOs).

Full adhesive performance More than just an alternative to asphalt-based products

Superior temperature performance

RPX products show improved performance in cold temperature compared to asphalt, which extends the building season, especially in cold climates. On the other hand and compared to asphalt again, superior performance is shown by no sagging or running at high temperatures.

Light-weight handling

While asphalt-based products usually start at high thick-nesses, our tapes are thin and light-weight, allowing easier handling with longer rolls and therefore fewer seams. And to top the easy handling, it goes without saying that tapes show better adhesion to rough surfaces such as concrete, OSB, plywood and rough air barriers.

Production of Coroplast tape at our plant in Rock Hill
Rock Hill: Production of Coroplast Tape at our plant in the USA

Go green Working sustainable with RPX products

Environmentally friendly

The pressure-sensitive adhesives in the Coroplast RPX range are extremely environmentally friendly. No solvents are required in the production process, and only minimal quantities of water are used. The adhesive tapes are solvent-free and do not contain any formaldehyde or other environmentally harmful substances (e.g. emulsifiers, APEOs). Coroplast 1410 RPX is Emicode-tested and bear the EC 1 plus mark – ideal preconditions for developing a healthy environment and residential air quality without contamination.

Sustainable solutions

At Coroplast we work on sustainable solutions for several industries to ensure that our products are future-proven. That’s why we include bio-based products in our range that meet our reliable standards of airtight seam sealing tapes. Combined with our environmentally thinking in adhesive compounding we create adhesive tapes that support our idea of a greener future.

Coroplast Tape is set for the future with sustainable technologies
Set for the future: Coroplast Tape convinces with sustainable technologies

Coroplast product brochure

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