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My days with CTT – Working with patience and passion

Jing Li, known to many of his colleagues here in Kunshan as “Elliott”, still remembers his first day at Coroplast well. “It was Monday, 3rd March 2014, when I started at CTT. After almost nine years with TE Connectivity, I was looking forward to facing new professional challenges. I was happy but a bit nervous, too, when I started my new job as a production planner. But right from that very first day I was impressed by the passionate and inspiring atmosphere that prevailed throughout our team. And that hasn’t changed in all the years I’ve been here.”

Perfection and precision in adhesive tape production

In fact, adhesive tape production, the field in which Elliott works, has developed considerably in recent years. “We started with single-cut production and after four years, we erected a combo system that integrates adhesive mixing, coating, rewinding and slitting and meets all the latest requirements.” Production now possesses heavy machinery, weighing tens of tons, that offers precision right down to the last millimetre. With a grin on his face, the 38-year-old logistics manager explains, “It may sound a little strange that we needed so long to build a production line, but as one of the first to be involved, I can proudly say that it’s always been our top priority to build the perfect plant and to optimise every last detail of it. As a result, we’re now able to switch our weekly product schedule whenever we want – indeed from day to day. We’ve worked very hard and very successfully to meet our midnight debugging targets. Of course, the road has been rocky and sometimes complicated, but together we’ve faced up to all the challenges with patience and passion.”

Variety and continuous development at the workplace

This graduate of Hohai University in Nanjing appreciates two things in particular about his work at Coroplast: on the one hand, there’s always a good variety of tasks to perform and on the other hand, Coroplast doesn’t simply leave you alone with these new tasks. “Ever since my first day here, I’ve always found myself confronted with demanding and challenging situations. But I see only opportunities arising from this, because it enables me to continuously develop my skills, learn new things and broaden my horizons.” Elliott has already gained experience at many different points along the supply chain, such as in production management, materials management and warehouse management. For him, money isn’t the be all and end all, because Jing Li attaches great importance to his own personal development. “Here at Coroplast, employees are supported and promoted according to their particular personal skills and made fit for the respective task. That’s much more valuable to me than just the figure at the bottom of my pay cheque.”

Looking back, Elliott is very pleased he applied for a job at Coroplast. He’s particularly impressed by the company’s long and successful history, which is so strongly linked with the commitment shown by its employees. “This passion is the driving force that has led to ‘one man, one space, one company’ developing into a globally successful, independent, family-run business. And I’m happy and proud to be part of this extraordinary story.”

Jing “Elliott” Li (centre) appreciates the team spirit and passion shown by everyone at Coroplast.