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Various cable wrapping tapes from Coroplast Tape

Cable protection in the automobile Our wire harness tape bundle wires and hold them securely together

Wire harness tape from Coroplast Tape offer great advantages over corrugated tubes or spiral tubing when it comes to protecting cable harnesses in automobiles. With their versatile product characteristics, our wrapping tapes are suitable for a wide range of applications from engine compartment to rear.

Versatile and reliable The world's widest product range of wire harness tape

Regardless of whether you are looking for flexible, lightweight, abrasion-resistant, heat- and cold-resistant or noise-absorbing cable protection: With the most extensive product range on the market, Coroplast Tape offers you exactly the right fitting wrapping tape for your manual or automatic processing.

We accompany you as a reliable partner early in the development process, support you in the selection process and work out individual solutions.

Wiring harness is wrapped with adhesive tape from Coroplast Tape
With the world's most extensive product range of cable winding tapes, Coroplast Tape offers know-how and solutions for numerous fields of application.

Customer proximity and continuous improvement

It goes without saying that all our cable winding tapes meet the highest demands and standards of the automotive industry. To this end, we are in close contact with our customers, optimise the products or production possibilities, expand the product range and have ourselves certified on a regular basis. We also attach great importance to the topic of sustainability in the use of materials, production and logistics.

All of this makes our adhesive solutions the first choice for many well-known suppliers and automotive manufacturers – whenever cables need to be optimally held together and protected.

Here you will find our complete range of cable wrapping tapes

We consistently align ourselves with the needs of our customers: For example, we can supply high run lengths on single reels and cross-wound spools for automation technology. Or we offer special presentation forms of our winding tapes as stamped parts, single reels and cross-wound reels – customized and process-optimized.

Marcus Söhngen | Business Unit Manager Coroplast Tape

Product advantage 1 Reduction

Sustainability and electromobility are inextricably linked with the topic of lightweight construction, i.e. with maximum weight and volume savings, optimum use of materials as well as conservation of resources. This in turn leads to the creation of ever more compact and effective cable harnesses.

Coroplast Tape actively supports this trend with its cable wrapping tapes by offering three key product benefits.

Wire Harness Competence: Product Advantage 1, Reduction

Reduction Less volume

Compared to other solutions, wrapping tapes help to reduce the volume of the cable protection by up to 50%.

Reduction Less weight

Due to the often lower weight of adhesive tapes compared to corrugated tubes, the total weight of the cable harness is reduced.

Reduction Less complexity

Despite different thicknesses of the cable harness, two different widths of our insulating tapes are already sufficient for a complete cable harness winding. Compared to corrugated tubes and spiral hoses, this reduces the complexity not only for the processing, but also in storage and logistics. Depending on the dimensions, the pallet requirement is reduced by up to 7 times.

Product advantage 2 Flexibility

Infotainment, hybridization, networking – the demands on vehicle comfort are constantly increasing. But this also leads to ever tighter installation spaces. Adhesive tapes from the Coroplast LT, RT, TT and S-series offer you the perfect properties here. Because they maintain the flexibility of the cable harness and guarantee effective and fast processing at the OEM.

The special, tubular design of these wrapping tapes provides maximum flexibility by virtually eliminating adhesive contact with the cable harness. Unlike corrugated tubes, the soft carrier material of this cable wrapping protects the insulation of the cables inside.

Our Coroplast TapeTubes offer unbeatable advantages, especially for long cable harnesses without branches.

Learn more about Coroplast TapeTubes

Wire Harness Competence: Product Advantage 2, Flexibility

Product advantage 3 E-Mobility

With our versatile cable winding tapes, we accompany new, forward-looking technologies. Accordingly, products from Coroplast Tape are also an indispensable component of electric and hybrid vehicles.

For example, we can offer you many different adhesive tapes in an orange, extremely colourfast version for labelling high-voltage cables and cable harnesses with high-voltage cables. For the labelling of 48V cables, we have expanded our range to include additional colours.

Learn more about wire harness tapes for e-mobility


We also focus our product range on providing the best possible protection for the HV harness – to prevent short circuits in the event of a crash and thus make e-mobility even safer.

Product advantage 4 Mechanical protection

Especially in the engine compartment, cable harnesses are exposed to high mechanical loads. The winding tapes of the MPX-series and other tapes with abrasion-resistant carrier materials, which were specially developed for this demanding area of application, protect against this. We achieve the following abrasion classes (according to LV 312):

  • PET non-woven tapes: Class D
  • PA-Velour adhesive tapes: Class D
  • PA fabric tapes: Class E
  • Laminates: Class D – G
Wire Harness Competence: Product Advantage 4, Mechanical Protection

Media resistance and compatibility of the cable winding tapes

In addition to mechanical protection, our adhesive tapes increase the resistance of wire harnesses to liquids such as engine oil, other operating fluids and chemicals. Furthermore, our winding tapes are compatible with acrylate adhesive and almost all common cable types – even at higher temperatures.

Product advantage 5 Noise reduction

Coroplast Tape offers the most comprehensive range of cable wrapping tapes to minimise disturbing rattling noises caused by cable harnesses. Depending on the backing material, we meet the requirements of noise classes C to E (according to LV 312):

  • PET non-woven tapes: Class C – E
  • PA-Velour adhesive tapes: Class E
  • PE foam tapes: Class E
  • PUR foam adhesive tapes: Class E
  • EPDM foam tapes: Class E
Wire Harness Competence: Product Advantage 5, Sound Damping

Product advantage 6 Heat control

In the engine compartment and on the exhaust system, cable sets are usually exposed to high temperatures. Many manufacturers therefore opt for expensive, heat-resistant insulating materials to protect the cables.

Heat reflection tapes from Coroplast Tape can reduce the temperature in the cable harness by up to 60 %. This smart, selective heat control is particularly recommended for temperature stress on short sections. In this way, you can dispense with higher temperature-resistant insulating materials in the affected cable harness and significantly reduce costs.

And even in narrow installation spaces with little air circulation, we offer heat-resistant adhesive tapes that effectively bundle the cable harness there.

Wire Harness Competence: Product Advantage 6, Heat Management

Product advantage 7 Automation

As before, harness production is a predominantly manual process. Due to the requirements of process optimization and error minimization – especially with regard to autonomous driving - the automation of manufacturing is becoming an increasingly important factor.

Coroplast Tape supports this development. Because our products have unwinding forces and run lengths adapted to the automatic winding machines. And we go one step further: To further reduce the set-up effort, we also offer our tapes on cross-wound spools with up to 4,000 meters running length.

Wire Harness Competence: Product Advantage 7, Automation

Product advantage 8 Sustainability

Sustainability has a long tradition at Coroplast Tape and is firmly anchored in our thoughts and actions. It is therefore no coincidence that we were one of the first suppliers on the market to use environmentally friendly, solvent-free dispersion and acrylate adhesive technology for our new products. And for some time now, we have been offering our customers adhesive tapes with PET backing material that we manufacture from recyclate - the Coroplast ST series.

Of course, sustainability also plays an important role in production: for example, we have now been able to switch the Wuppertal site completely to green electricity. And with COROZEN, our method for continuous improvement, we avoid waste and conserve resources.

All of this follows a clear goal: We want to operate greenhouse gas neutral at our sites in Germany by 2030.

Detailed information on the Coroplast Group's sustainability initiative

Wire Harness Competence: Product Advantage 8, Sustainability

At a glance The versatile properties of our cable wrapping tapes

With our extensive range of wrapping tapes, we support you in all requirements relating to the protection of cable harnesses in the automobile. Our solutions offer many advantages over corrugated tubes, spiral hoses or other products for cable protection – whether it's reduction, flexibility, mechanical protection, noise damping, heat control, automation or sustainability. You will also find solutions for the highest demands for future technologies, such as electromobility, in our range.

Discover our complete range of cable wrapping tapes

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