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Growing with Coroplast Tape – Purchasing Manager Xia "Vivian" Wang

I still remember well when I first arrived at Coroplast Tape Technology (CTT) on April 10, 2017. Despite my ten years of experience in the automotive industry I was very excited and at the same time very curious about my new working environment. But with the help of my very friendly colleagues and superiors I was able to get used to the new environment very quickly. Already in July of the same year I went for a training at Coroplast Group’s headquarters in Wuppertal, Germany – that was a wonderful time and I benefited a lot from this visit, both for my work and private life. And although it was several years ago, I still remember this time very vividly.

My first steps at CTT

My onboarding at CTT was very carefully organized and well prepared by my colleagues. I went through a training program developed especially for me on Coroplast Tape's corporate culture and structure. I also received training in the area of purchasing and took part in several workshops on professional skills. All this was a great help to me to be prepared for my work at Coroplast Tape – and it also made me more confident overall.

My onboarding at CTT was very carefully organized and well prepared by my colleagues. I went through a training program developed especially for me!

Xia Wang | Purchasing Manager at Coroplast Tape Technology

My Coroplast Tape family

I really enjoy the exchange with my colleagues! We are like one big family and do many things together. The year 2018 was something very special because I was able to celebrate the 90th anniversary of our company and just one year later I witnessed the birth of three new brands: Coroplast Tape, Coroflex and WeWire. This has given me more responsibility and I have learned to manage my workday more efficiently. I understand my area of responsibility better and am highly motivated to work towards a successful future for our company.

Effective team communication

We meet on a regular basis with the purchasing department of Coroplast Tape’s headquarters. In these meetings we discuss the daily work, exchange important internal and external information and make concrete decisions. To make these meetings as efficient as possible, we follow a detailed agenda and prepare important materials in advance. In this way, we understand each other more and more, not only internally, but also especially as an international purchasing team – and so we can act together more actively and successfully on the market.

The 36-year-old Xia Wang has studied Nanjing University and holds a degree in Administration Management.

My exciting future task

Caused by the Covid-19 pandemic, the global supply chain system partially collapsed and our plant in China was temporarily closed. But thanks to effective controls, we were soon able to put our plant back into operation and succeeded in establishing a stable production, especially with the help of local suppliers. Today, our market can no longer be understood by supply and demand alone. We find ourselves in a very dynamic competitive environment in which new technologies are constantly emerging, markets are changing rapidly and close relationships between manufacturers, customers and suppliers are becoming increasingly important. This is where I can help to shorten the delivery time of products and reduce procurement costs through effective supply chain management. This will now be my exciting future task at Coroplast Tape Technology in China: developing strategic partnerships with local suppliers and vendors.