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Coroplast Tape | News Sealing grommets for loft conversion

Poor sealing of cable and pipe penetrations often causes problems when trying to make airtight seals in over- and underlays during loft conversions. With its new, specifically developed sealing collar, the Coroplast Tape 5508-1450 RPX made of IRR butyl (similar to neoprene), Coroplast Tape offers a reliable solution for such applications.

Technical Adhesive Tapes: Extended product range

The highly elastic material of the grommet enables it to mold itself around and cling to pipes and cables with a diameter between 6 and 70 mm (depending on type) to form an air- and watertight seal. Thanks to the non-adhesive surface around the hole in the grommet, cables and pipes can still be moved until the final bonding has been made. The grommet is laminated with Coroplast Tape 1450 RPX to ensure reliable bonding with various surfaces.

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