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Smart Distancing Tape for floor markings

Smart Distancing Tape The Social Distancing Tape from Coroplast

Manage walking routes, define waiting areas, and mark restricted areas – use our Smart Distancing Tape wherever people enter or exit buildings or remain somewhere for a while. With user-friendly color markings, clear symbols, and concise texts, they ensure safe distances and a controlled procedure.

Best at a distance! The advantages of our distancing tape at a glance:

Do you want to guide your visitors, your customers, or your employees with immediately understandable floor markings and keep them at a distance? Our specially developed Smart Distancing Tape provides numerous advantages compared to conventional adhesive tapes:

  • Unique color code of the traffic light system following the Red-Yellow-Green design of the “Wuppertaler Ampel”
  • Four languages: German, English, Turkish, and Polish
  • User-friendly symbols for clear orientation
  • Strong adhesion on many common surfaces, especially smooth ones
  • For temporary marking, indoor and outdoor
  • Imprinted grid size for exact preparation of sections
Coroplast Smart Distancing Tape
Coroplast Smart Distancing Tape with its unique color code and immediately understandable symbols and texts.

Buy now Our new Smart Distancing Tape is now available at these online shops.

Order our floor marking tape – also as a single roll – from one of our partner shops: 

Order from Amazon dealers

Order from Ampel-Live shop

Order from Wolk shop

Order from AMZ shop

The Wuppertaler Ampel A warning tape with user-friendly color and symbol codes

We use the globally understandable color system of traffic lights to distinguish different areas clearly from each other:

“Red” for clear marking of restricted areas, e.g., with X-shaped taping in a rectangle. Also suitable as barrier tape.

“Yellow” for marking waiting areas and waiting distances, e.g., by X-shaped taping in the middle.

“Green” for marking specified walking routes and directions, for example to avoid having customers, employees, or patients cross paths – preferably in combination with red barrier markings.

Color code of Coroplast Smart Distancing Tape
Our Coroplast Smart Distancing Tape works with a generally understandable color coding system – the Wuppertal traffic light.

This is exactly what we need to implement school hygiene regulations. Much better and easier than a normal carpet tape. Does not twist, can be easily pulled off and cut.

Simone Schleu | Vice Principle of the Roncalli Elementary School in Dortmund

Product details Delivery options and packaging of our Social Distancing Tape

Adapted to smaller and larger surfaces and store sizes, we offer small and large packages of adhesive tapes in all traffic light colors together with instructions and spatula for easy use. Of course, you can also order Smart Distancing Tapes in individual colors.

In six steps: This is how our Smart Distancing Tape is used correctly

  1. Make sure that the surface, on which the tape is to be applied, is free of dust or dirt as well as release agents or oils. The Coroplast cleaning cloth, for example, is suitable for this purpose. Also check in advance whether the adhesive tape is suitable for the surface.
  2. Unroll the tape to the desired length. The tape measure at the edge shows you the lengths for orientation.
  3. Cut the tape with scissors or cutter knives.
  4. Detach the paper liner of the adhesive tape a bit, and place the adhesive tape loosely and without tensile stress on the surface. If possible, do not touch the adhesive surface with your fingers.
  5. Now remove the paper liner gradually and carefully press the tape onto the surface with a cloth or a flat hand. Avoid tensile stress.
  6. The final adhesive strength is reached at the latest after 24 hours.

Store the Smart Distancing Tape at 5°C to 35°C and dry in its original packaging.

We recommend the Coroplast spatula for a careful bonding of edges and tape ends.

Information material for Social Distancing Tape

You can download additional information about the new distancing tape here.

Application examples Coroplast Smart Distancing Tape in Use

Red Smart Distancing Tape for restricted areas
Rectangular marking and X-shaped taping indicate restricted areas. Barriers on walking routes can also be clearly marked with the red Smart Distancing Tape.
Yellow Smart Distancing Tape for waiting areas
The yellow Smart Distancing Tape can be used to indicate waiting areas in the form of rectangular marking and X-shaped taping.
Green Smart Distancing Tape for walking routes
Walking routes can be marked with the green Smart Distancing Tape.
Coroplast Smart Distancing Tape for controlling customer flows
With our Smart Distancing Tape, visitors, customers, and employees are reliably guided and maintain a safe distance.

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