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Wire harness tapes from Coroplast Tape

Regardless of whether flexible, abrasion-resistant, heat-resistant, or noise-damping solutions are necessary. Coroplast Tape provides the widest range of high-quality wire harness tapes worldwide. For more than 40 years, we have been developing technical adhesive tapes for a wide variety of demands and requirements.

Wire harness tapes Coroplast 1288 X

Heat reflection tapes
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Coroplast 1288 X

Produkteigenschaften und -vorteile

  • Specially compounded adhesive made of aluminium and PET cloth
  • Heat reflection adhesive tapes for manual bundling of wire harnesses that are exposed to high radiant heat
  • High-quality EFTE cables can be replaced by cables with a lower temperature class (e.g. XPE cables) due to a significant drop in inner harness temperature by reflecting the radiant heat (see graph)
  • 3,000 h heat resistance at 125 °C when glued, short term up to 240 h at 150 °C depending on cable material (inner temperature)
  • Outstanding chemical resistance to motor vehicle and other operating fluids
  • Excellent resistance to cold and heat
  • Resistant to ageing and rotting
  • Compatible with many cable insulation materials (e.g. XPE and PP)
  • PVC-compatible
  • Very stable, abrasion- and tear-resistant textile carrier
1288 X
CARRIER Aluminium-clad
WIDTHS IN mm 19, 25

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Coroplast 1289 X

Wire harness tapes Coroplast 1289 X

Heat reflection tapes
Coroplast 8608

Wire harness tapes Coroplast 8608

with increased heat resistance
Coroplast 1288 X

Wire harness tapes Coroplast 1288 X

Heat reflection tapes

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