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Sealing Compound

Coroplast Tape’s high-performance SPS (Superior Performance Sealing) combines the advantages of liquid sealants with those of an adhesive tape. It adheres without setting time and is highly elastic, deformable, and transparent during processing. At the same time, the sealing mass is clean in use in the same way as adhesive tape. This is why our sealing mass is the optimal alternative to butyl sealing tapes, since it has a similarly good sealing effect, but significantly higher media and temperature resistance.

sealing | SPS series Coroplast 90705 SPS

High-performance, highly transparent
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Coroplast 90705 SPS

Produkteigenschaften und -vorteile

  • Highly elastic, plastic sealing, made of highly transparent acrylic adhesive with outstanding adaptability to its bonding partners
  • Universal usage, indoor and outdoor
  • Excellent temperature range
  • Processible from -20 °C
  • Outstanding initial adhesion (tack)
  • Replaces liquid sealings and adhesives due to eliminated setting time
  • Outclasses common sealing masses (e.g. butyl rubber) in transparency and media resistance
  • Can be supplied as single roll or die-cut part, level-wound spools on request
90705 SPS 90710 SPS 90715 SPS
CARRIER Acrylic mass Acrylic mass Acrylic mass
ADHESIVE Acrylic Acrylic Acrylic
THICKNESS IN mm 0.5 1 1.5
Coroplast 9005 SPT

high-performance adhesive tapes Coroplast 9005 SPT

Subseries 9000: transparent
Coroplast 90710 SPS

sealing Coroplast 90710 SPS

High-performance, highly transparent
Coroplast 90715 SPS

sealing Coroplast 90715 SPS

High-performance, highly transparent

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