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High-Performance Adhesive Tape

Holds and holds and holds. High-performance adhesive tapes of the 9000 SPT series from Coroplast Tape are distinguished by their homogeneous, continuously adhesive, and highly flexible acrylate adhesive compound. As a result, they are far superior in their performance to conventional double-sided foam adhesive tapes and mechanical joint connections. Regardless of whether for industrial or automotive applications: Our high-performance adhesive tapes provide a reliable and economical method for permanent joining of different materials.

high-performance adhesive tapes | 9000 SPT series Coroplast 9908 SPT HA

Subseries 9000 SPT HA: modified, heat-activated
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Coroplast 9908 SPT HA

Produkteigenschaften und -vorteile

  • Heat-activated and modified acrylic masses with good ability to adapt to bonding components and excellent performance profile
  • Side 1 consists of a heat-activated layer for sealing the tape on elastomeric components, e.g. EPDM rubber profiles; side 2 is coated with a layer of modified adhesive with strong initial tack on, e.g. automotive coatings, or on high- or low-energy surfaces
  • Typical applications include bonding seals or the selfadhesive preparation of strips, profiles, cover plates, etc.
  • Viscoelastic and therefore optimal for tight radiuses and bonding on curves
  • Multipurpose tape for indoor and outdoor use
  • Very broad resistance to temperature fluctuations
  • Outstanding adhesion and shear strength
  • Can be supplied as single roll and as level-wound spool
  • For industrial use, technical heat-activation equipment is required; please enquire for further details
Coroplast 9010 SPT

high-performance adhesive tapes Coroplast 9010 SPT

Subseries 9000: transparent
Coroplast 90710 SPS

sealing Coroplast 90710 SPS

High-performance, highly transparent

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