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Grip Tape

Grip tapes from Coroplast Tape are a cost-effective alternative to elaborate industrial roller equipment such as non-stick coatings or rubber coatings. For example, they reliably prevent sensitive strip products from being damaged after contact with rollers. Our grip tapes are suitable wherever rollers, deflection rollers, or surfaces are to be protected against abrasion, wear, or adhesion during production. Contact us if you have a special requirement!

grip tapes Coroplast 810 X

Grip and adhesive-repellent tape
Coroplast 810 X


  • Cost-effective alternative to complex, industrial, rollerapplied finishes such as non-stick coatings or rubber surfaces
  • Suitable wherever drums, rollers, pulleys or surfaces in the production process must be protected against abrasion, wear or substances / materials becoming attached
  • Reliably prevent sensitive strip products from damage after contact with rollers
  • Special silicone rubber coating generates improved grip or non-stick properties while preventing adhesives or other sticky materials from becoming attached
  • Coated with special acrylic adhesive composition assuring very high shear strength
  • Good adhesion on metal surfaces and excellent kneading resistance
  • Easily removable after use or wear of adhesive tape
  • For providing rollers or pulleys (including those with a small diameter) with a non-slip and adhesive-repellent finish and for minimising wrinkles and folds when spiralor helical-wrapping rollers from the centre outwards
  • Easy to tear laterally by hand and high tensile strength
810 X
CARRIERSilicone laminate

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