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Double-Sided Adhesive Tape

We make your tape the way you need it for your production, because we know that effective productivity in the further processing of adhesive tapes is essential today. For example, we provide you with adhesive know-how from various adhesive systems, regardless of whether UV cross-linked acrylate, synthetic rubber, pure acrylate, dispersion acrylate or acrylate compositions.

Double-sided adhesive tape | 7000 series Coroplast 7290

Subseries 7290: with synthetic rubber adhesive
Coroplast 7290


  • Thin double-sided adhesive tapes coated on both sides with a synthetic rubber adhesive, for indoor use
  • For laminating and self-adhesive preparation of various materials such as signs, emblems and trim, as well as for splicing paper and film webs
  • Suitable for joining and bonding many different substrates, e.g. metal, glass, wood and a range of plastics (e.g. PC, PA, ABS, PP / PE or unplasticized PVC)
  • Can be supplied on converter rolls, single rolls or level- wound spools, depending on size, or as die-cut parts
7290 7292
CARRIERPaper non-wovenPET film
ADHESIVESynthetic rubberSynthetic rubber
THICKNESS IN mm0.120.08

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